Aviation Economic Impact

Airports play a critical role in both the local and the national economy. They act as the gateway for their market to the rest of the world. An airport’s ability to understand their economic impact is an important tool that they can communicate to their constituents and local market–thus allowing the public to better understand the economic benefit and the role the airport plays in the local economy. Economic Impact studies can be used to:

  • Help airports better understand the value to their local economy of projects, facilities and new air services
  • Quantify in real world terms that can be translated into jobs, direct, indirect and induced impacts
  • Create a public understanding of the economic benefit of the airport and the role of capital investment projects designed to accommodate increases in demand

TMAG’s experience includes:

  • Estimating the economic impacts for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s commercial and general aviation airports,
  • Estimating the economic impacts of new international service at Los Angeles International Airport
  • Estimating the economic impacts of air service at the nation’s small community airports in support of the Regional Airline Association (RAA).