We are proud to have worked with the following clients:

Chicago O’Hare Airport

TMAG principles worked at the highest level with the City of Chicago on complex airline negotiations as the City negotiated the first new airline use agreement in decades. TMAG played a significant role in helping Chicago understand O’Hare’s true value to its hubbing carriers by estimating the profitability of the airlines’ operations and comparing Chicago’s results to the carriers’ competitive hubs. The City was successful in negotiating an agreement that underwrote a capital investment program in the multi-billions.

TMAG principles were also retained as part of the environmental team examining O’Hare’s Interim Fly Quiet Program.

Ontario International Airport Authority

TMAG was retained in the Summer of 2018 to estimate the demand for Ontario Airport. Ontario is one of six commercial airports that serves the Southern California Region, and is the region’s 4th largest airport serving 4.6 million passengers in 2017. Four of the Southern California Airports – LAX, SNA, BUR, and LGB – are saddled with passenger constraints, while ONT and PSP are currently unconstrained. Southern California’s passenger traffic distribution is highly concentrated at LAX which accounts for 77% of the regions traffic. Despite, having a market area of over 10 million passengers, ONT captures only 45% of that traffic, and leaks nearly as many passengers to LAX as it retains. TMAG’s forecast for Ontario reflected growth in its service area, growth in So. Cal, the ability of the other So. Cal airports to accommodate growth, and the ability of Ontario, the only major unconstrained airport, to retain its own service area traffic and also accommodate the spill from LAX.  Three scenarios were estimated.

Los Angeles World Airports

There’s no better example of the TMAG approach to understanding customer need than Los Angeles. The principles of TMAG have worked with senior management at LAWA for almost two decades.  Our work has ranged from strategic planning, to economic impact of international routes by world area, to route planning, to hub profitability. Our deep dive into understanding how and why travelers from six different countries made the route choices they did when traveling led to over 40 new airline services. The research we designed and implemented enabled insight into those customers’ wants and needs. Further research of Los Angeles-based travelers and their experiences at the airport was presented to the LAWA Board of Governors.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport wanted more non-stop commercial serviceand retained the principles of TMAG almost 20 years ago as their air service development consultants.  Miami is now the largest gateway to Latin America and a significant gateway to Europe.  With a target of obtaining its first Asian nonstop service, a stakeholder task force was formed with the objective of hosting Asian carriers at MIA and organizing Miami-area companies with close ties to Asia.  Most recently, TMAG principles have succeeded in obtaining MIA’s first service to Africa.

Massport Commercial Passenger Strategic Plan

Currently, the principles of TMAG are engaged in the development of a 2023 Strategic Plan for the development of commercial passenger services for Boston-Logan International Airport and Worcester Regional Airport.