Zoe Lindemuth, Director of Meehan AviationZoe Lindemuth


Zoe Lindemuth is a member of The Meehan Aviation Group (The Aviation Group). Zoe has 8 years of experience and has primarily worked with airports to analyze their strategic position through market analysis, short-term and long-term forecasting, economic impact and the airport’s profitability to the air carriers that serve the airport. She delivers analytical work that is valuable to the client and to The Aviation Group.

Zoe has worked in more than 50 cities worldwide. Most recently, Zoe was a part of HMMH’s team with the FAA on the Interim Fly Quiet Analysis. During this project and the 2015 Re-Evaluation of the O’Hare EIS, Zoe worked closely with the FAA in Chicago. Zoe is currently working at Ontario International Airport where she is developing a catchment area analysis of the entire LA Region and from that conducting a long-term forecast for the region and the airport.

Prior to that, Zoe worked with HMMH on the Massport Hanscom Field 2017 ESPR Forecast where she estimated trends in general aviation.

Among Zoe’s areas of expertise is economic impact. She recently completed an economic impact study of small community’s air service on their regional economies for the Regional Air Service Alliance.

Zoe is also expert in calculating the profitability of U.S. airlines hub operations, including Chicago’s hub carriers, United and American. She created hub P&Ls for the Chicago Department of Aviation to help further inform the airport of their strategic position within the carrier’s networks.

Zoe holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Villanova University and a Master’s Degree from Rosemont College.