Deborah Meehan

President + CEO

Deborah Meehan is the President and CEO of The Meehan Aviation Group (TMAG).  She has been in the aviation industry for 30 years and is a leader in aviation economics and policy.  Deborah has been the President of two of the largest, most successful aviation consulting firms–InterVISTAS  and SH&E.  She remains a senior advisor to InterVISTAS.  For both of these firms she led them to be the leader in Air Service Development and P3 and served as an expert witness on aviation demand in 5 separate proceedings.  At InterVISTAS, she started an airport planning firm focused on what she considers a critical issue for the future, ground access and parking.  Deborah has been a leader in policies that affect U.S. airports.  She testified before United States Congress on two subjects—opening up aviation ties to Cuba and instituting a Pilot Program for P3.  Deborah works at the highest levels at airports in Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Ontario. From her years as President of the former SH&E, she pioneered work on regionalization.  She is expert at forecasting demand for multi-airport markets including Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and New York.  She is now working on a research paper that studies the externalities associated with the recent concentration of demand at large hub airports while smaller airports go underutilized.  The on and off-airport congestion associated with passengers traveling away from the closer airport, to a more distant airport results in significant time lost and higher levels of pollution.  Deborah is also involved in an issue related to the shortage of pilots that is negatively impacting small and non-hub airports causing airports to fall of the grid. She brings to TMAG years of experience working with airlines and airports. She focuses on devising strategies for airports that can be brought to airlines as immediate and profitable route opportunities. Deborah believes strongly in the efficacy of airports working with airlines and has developed an effective approach that includes empowering stakeholders to provide the final impetus for offering service at both. Ms. Meehan recognizes the vastly different challenges facing different sized airports. Deborah was President of the Airports Consultant Council and an advisor to ACI.  Deborah is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.